French School Term 1 Enrolments

Term 1 2024

Current Term 1: 5th February 2024

Enrolments have closed!

Course Structure

Cosmopoli’French is introducing exclusive workshops for Term 1 starting on Monday 5th of February 2024. We will enjoy new French experiences during our upcoming nine-week term.

WEEK 1 Feb 5th - 10th

Think French Speak French

Still thinking in English when speaking French? This workshop will help you have a better understanding of the French language structure and will also help you sound more like a local.

WEEK 2 Feb 12th-17th

Vocabulary Booster

Never be lost for words and further your understanding of nuances. The activities will be tailored to help you expand your vocabulary and speak

French more confidently over a large array of topics.

Feb 19th-24th

Grammar Boot Camp

This is an opportunity to get answers to all your grammatical dilemmas. We will cover a large array of topics to help you structure your sentences more confidently.

Feb 26th-March 2nd

Traveler's Guide

Step off the beaten path as we immerse you in essential French phrases, unique cultural experiences, and hidden gems to make your next journey in France one to remember!

March 4th-9th

The Home Project

Join us in this workshop to explore the world of homes. Talk about your dream home, your house-hunting adventures, or renovation projects, while learning the vocabulary to describe your most treasured place - your home.

March 11th-16th

The DELF Challenge

Whether you're aiming to excel in the Delf examination or simply keen on enhancing your listening, writing, and oral abilities, our program is tailored to push your boundaries and cultivate a diverse set of language learning skills.

March 18th-23rd

French Cheese & Tea Pairing Experience

Treat your tastebuds and immerse yourself in the world of flavour fusion with our Cheese & Tea Pairing workshop. Unlock the secrets of flavor blending, and enhance your language skills along the way.

March 25th- 30th

French for a Cause

Elevate your language skills while making a difference. Join our workshop to acquire the French vocabulary you need to speak up for what you believe. Join us in making a difference, one word at a time.

April 1st-6th

French TV Talk

This interactive session is designed to enhance your listening comprehension skills. Engage in group discussions to share your thoughts and insights about the storyline, characters, and dialogues as you refine your ability to comprehend real-life spoken French.

Pick Your Level

We offer 5 different levels to cater to your individual learning needs. Please enroll into the course that best describes your current level of French proficiency!


I am an absolute beginner, I know some basic French words or expressions but my knowledge of the present tense conjugation is very limited. I might know how to distinguish feminine and masculine articles but I am not able to put a sentence together yet. My listening skills require work but I am eager to learn.


I am a beginner but I have a basic knowledge of the present tense conjugation. I know how to distinguish feminine and masculine words. I have basic writing skills and I am able to verbally articulate some key sentences. I have some listening comprehension skills and I am keen to improve.

Lower Intermediate

I have a good command of present tense and passé composé. I have some knowledge about the imperfect tense and the future. I have fairly good writing skills but still need to build my confidence when it comes to talking. My listening comprehension skills are fairly solid.

Upper Intermediate

I have solid grammatical skills. I alternate easily between the passé composé and the imperfect tense. I feel confident using different types of pronouns. I have solid listening comprehension skills and I am able to express myself quite fluently even though I still find myself a bit slow.


I have excellent grammatical skills. I feel confident using the subjunctive and the conditional. I have been highly exposed to the French language and I have impeccable listening comprehension skills. I am able to express myself about any topic even though I still need to broaden my vocabulary.


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