Term 2 2024

Upcoming Term 2 - 22nd April 2024

Enrolments have closed! Please stay tuned for Term 3.


Term 2 2024

Upcoming Term 2 - 22nd April 2024

Enrolments have opened!


Term 2 2024

Upcoming Term 2: 22nd April 2024

Enrolments have opened!

Course Information

  • Term 2 Starting On Monday 22th Of April 2024.

  • 9 Week Course

  • Exciting Exclusive Workshops

  • New French Experiences!

  • Online And Face-To-Face Classes Available

  • Embark On The Path Towards French Fluency From Only $370


April 22nd - 27th

The French they did not teach you at school

Understand and use idioms and colloquial expressions while being exposed to everyday French life. We will teach you the vocab you won’t find in your French textbook.


April 29th- May 4th

Grammar Boot Camp

This is an opportunity to get answers to all your grammatical dilemmas. We will cover a large array of topics to help you structure your sentences more confidently.


May 6th-11th

Listening Comprehension Challenge

Whether it’s French news, movies, or French conversations, we will put your listening comprehension skills to the test! Train your ear to be ready for your next French encounter.


May 13th-18th

Me Myself and...Je

Learn how to talk about yourself confidently. Goals, hobbies, personality traits...You will learn how to better connect and show your true self in the French language.


May 20th-25th

The Art of Shopping

Elevate your French language skills through a practical and enjoyable exploration of various shopping scenarios. From small boutiques to lively markets, learn to effortlessly converse with local shopkeepers, refining your ability to communicate in French with ease.


May 27th - June 1st

Let's talk about health

Join our French class to delve into essential health topics! Enhance your language skills as we discuss wellness, nutrition, and self-care. Gain the confidence to navigate health conversations seamlessly, even when visiting a chemist or GP while travelling in a French-speaking country.


June 3rd - 8th

Raclette night

Join us for a Raclette Night workshop! Discover the joy of making and savouring this classic dish while broadening your food-related vocabulary. Learn the essentials for hosting your own Raclette gathering and enjoy cheesy goodness with your fellow Francophiles.


June 10th - 15th

Speak Better French: Know your Faux-Amis

We will help you identify false cognates so you can avoid common misunderstandings while conversing with French locals.


June 17th -22th

Movie Time

Come and watch French short films and work on your communication skills in our discussion groups and activities.

Pick Your Level

We offer 5 different levels to cater to your individual learning needs. Please enroll into the course that best describes your current level of French proficiency!

Not sure about your level? Book a Free Level Assessment and we'll give you a call to determine which level best suits you!

Level 1 - Elementary

I am an absolute beginner, I know some basic French words or expressions but my knowledge of the present tense conjugation is very limited. I might know how to distinguish feminine and masculine articles but I am not able to put a sentence together yet. My listening skills require work but I am eager to learn.

Level 2 - Beginner

I am a beginner but I have a basic knowledge of the present tense conjugation. I know how to distinguish feminine and masculine words. I have basic writing skills and I am able to verbally articulate some key sentences. I have some listening comprehension skills and I am keen to improve.

Level 3 - Lower Intermediate

I have a good command of present tense and passé composé. I have some knowledge about the imperfect tense and the future. I have fairly good writing skills but still need to build my confidence when it comes to talking. My listening comprehension skills are fairly solid.

Level 4 - Upper Intermediate

I have solid grammatical skills. I alternate easily between the passé composé and the imperfect tense. I feel confident using different types of pronouns. I have solid listening comprehension skills and I am able to express myself quite fluently even though I still find myself a bit slow.

Level 5 - Advanced

I have excellent grammatical skills. I feel confident using the subjunctive and the conditional. I have been highly exposed to the French language and I have impeccable listening comprehension skills. I am able to express myself about any topic even though I still need to broaden my vocabulary.


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